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Gathi Delivers Enterprise Data Management Solutions for Smart Cities, Payment Services, Healthcare, Finance, and so much more—we leverage existing, tested and optimized services to deliver solutions faster, without compromising quality.

Data Strategy Roadmap

Data Strategy and Roadmaps in <12 weeks delivered using structured methodology. Key deliverables: Architecture Options, Business Case, ROI driven Program Schedule, Design Patterns.

M4 Framework

"M4" is the framework Gathi applies to each and every transformation initiative. This reliable, consistent, and planned approach helps to ensure success while giving all stakeholders a clear view of expectations.

Foundational Data Principles

Using our iC4™ framework and pre-built accelerators, programs are delivered in a fraction of the time. Start getting insights in as little as 12 weeks.

iC4™ Framework

The foundational principles of data, or "The 4 C's" as we like to call them, are Catalog, Context, Curate, and Consume. These four principles are critical for every organization to get right.

Data Consulting & Execution

Respond to regulatory demands while empowering your business users with self-service analytics and analytics as a service capabilities.

Get Insights Faster

Access, manage, and act on your data, faster. Ensure your data practices are compliant, accurate, and responsive to the ever-changing demand. 

Let's Talk About Your Data Analytics Goals

Talk with an expert to begin your digital transformation journey. We're here to help every step of the way.

Gathi M4 - Phase 3

Data Strategy + Transformation Roadmap

A Structured Methodology — M4

We guide the data modernization process using a predictable and consistent methodology. This methodology has been developed out of decades of data and information management experience. We've seen this roadmap play out in enterprise organizations time and time again.

Foundational Data Principles

4 C's of Information Management — iC4

The foundational principles of data, or "The 4 C's" as we like to call them, are Curate, Catalog, Context, and Consume. These four principles are critical for every organization to get right.

Gathi Execution and Consulting Services

Data Consulting + Implementation

Dedicated Experts at Your Service

Quickly and accurately respond to regulatory demands, bring data to your business teams, and ensure compliance from end-to-end.

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Don't just take our word for it.


Doug McCollough

CIO, City of Dublin

"Vamsi, and his team at Gathi, delivered the first Pilot in a matter of 2 weeks helping us see the end product before we spent any time and money. We are excited about the future of our partnership with Gathi."


Molly Berndt

AVP Project Mgmt, Lockton Companies

"It has been a pleasure partnering with Team Gathi in delivering a key product which has become a powerful analytics tool connecting Lockton and our Carrier partners. Gathi’s solution architects partnered with our Business Executives in identifying growth opportunities — enriching their marketing efforts and optimizing associate engagement."


Brandon Brown

Data Manager, City of Dublin

"Gathi’s tools have helped us with our Data Discovery process. Each department can now find the data they’re looking for and visualize it in the way they would like to see it."

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